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The Byron Laptop case

oliver stuart

This piece didn't come easily, and as is often the case, creativity appears at odd moments.

By the time I had this piece designed, I'd wasted a good deal of leather and completly run out of thread. These bursts of creativity can actually be a bit of a problem, as I often vanish or simply forget that I'm supposed to be somewhere. But the result is often worth it.  

It was during a week of down time in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Not only did Bangalow Shoe Making come to the rescue but Rachel left me with the finest waxed Italian thread I've ever used. Given to her by a travelling Italian leather worker. I have enough thread left for one more case. If you're interested, drop me a note and I'll see what I can do. 

You'll notice the shape of the fold over flap securing the case - a long shallow angle followed by a short steep angle. It's a shape I use in a lot of my pieces. It actually mimics the shape at the base of the handle of an axe (something else I enjoy making) and I find the proportion satisfying to the eye. The dye is made from vinegar, coffee and red wine reduced to a syrup and applied with a stiff coconut bristle brush. The weathered effect brings an earthy, old feel to the leather. This is a beautiful contrast with the ultra modern design of a new 15in macbook pro. 

Drop me a note or click through to my shop if you'd like one