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oliver stuart

Opinions welcome! Ladies (and gents) I'd be keen to hear your thoughts on my first women's handbag...

...So started a recent insta post on handbags. A couple of things became clear - There's not one perfect bag to suit everyone, but a this style of handbag needs lots of pockets on the inside and a bit of security for valuables. 

The comment thread is below... please add to it if you'd like to contribute to the design. I'll blog about it again with the second version. Or click through to my insta profile here 

undercoverarchitectStunning @oliverthrosby ... I'd be keen to have a way to close the pocket on the outside ... it's probably where I'd shove my phone and keys, so wouldn't want the coming out easily if the bag fell over, or someone else reached in.

undercoverarchitectBut I love the wide base and how sturdy it looks because I punish punish punish my handbags ;)

oliverthrosby@undercoverarchitect nice adds Miels. I'll look at that for stage 2 🙂

mincoombesMe me ... I have thoughts 💭! Looks really well made. A few tip bits... 1) internal pockets are really important for stashing cards, phone etc. 2) you need a key 🔑 strap with a clip on the end. It ensures that keys are swimming around at the bottom of the bag and you can easy grab the strap (looks like you have the strap, but not the extension) 3) cannot tell the dimensions however so long as you can get an A5 notepad in there it will fit all wallets and make up bags etc. 4) I really like the height of it. 5) can you make second gen with a shoulder cross body strap? Lol. Good luck!

oliverthrosby@mincoombes nice comment, thanks! Internal pocket is a common theme. Shoulder strap might have to be an optional extra. Some like some don't. Yes fits a 15In notebook. Cheers hey.

loscbrownPutting that singer to good use Throz. Nice work!

oliverthrosby@loscbrown cheers Ty. But this one is all stitched by hand. Every tiny little hole by hand

hsmdittyIt's beautiful. What does something like this go for?

oliverthrosby@hsmditty fair question. As this is the prototype, too many hours went into it to sell. I imagine when the range is available they'll be around the $350 mark.

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