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Handmade dining tables and furniture. Made from locally sourced, repurposed, and salvaged timber. 


Our blog is a collection of past and present projects such as handmade leather Aprons, leather goods, leather vide poche, custom made furniture, tables made from wood and timber


The Boat Project Part 1

oliver stuart

Every now and then a project comes up that I just can't say no to. This is one of those projects. In short the brief asked me to find two vintage wooden boats, cut them both in half cross ways, clean them up beautifully, paint them and build lounge seats into their hulls. Good brief.

Today i took delivery of the boats and moved them to my workshop to begin the process. It actually reminded me of a time I was transporting a 61 Mini cooper on a car trailer - everyone stops for a chat :-) it's really lovely to hear the stories that strangers have to tell. Just stop at the traffic lights or for fuel and people love to ask a question or share a story. I makes a big city feel like a small town. Could it be the new online dating? Just drive around with interesting cargo on a trailer and suddenly you're meeting new people left right and centre. Come to think of it, you could choose the cargo to influence the type of person that comes over for a chat... I digress, but it's a fun idea. 

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