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The Boat Project Part 4

oliver stuart

Nearly there! 

With the first half of one boat complete, my theory of construction proved sound and I could start on the other three halves (yes, three halves). These all came together pretty quickly with the use of structural plywood, waterproof glue and about a thousand screws. No joke, I nearly got through two packets of 500. 

The blue boat in the pictures is a Hartley. In its day, about 1955, it was state of the art! A small power boat good for fishing and putting around with the family. The red one was a sailing boat. It is a little smaller and a whole lot lighter than its vintage blue cousin. 

Upon finishing construction of these two little beauties, I have a new appreciation for wooden boats. You see -  in the mainstream, they stopped building boats from wood a long time ago. So like an old hot rod, they have a certain street (river?) cred and charm to them. I'm even tempted to try and find another one, and restore it nicely. Probably without cutting it in half ;-)