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Handmade dining tables and furniture. Made from locally sourced, repurposed, and salvaged timber. 


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Bench seat. 5th anniversary wood gift

oliver stuart

Made by commission, this piece was designed with the clients input. Their new home needed a place near the front door with a dual purpose - to use simple design to break up a long white wall and for kids to take off wet shoes on the way in.

The piece is made from recycled spotted gum with carefully filled holes and cracks. 30mm stock was chosen to give a very solid feel but not look too heavy. For a piece this size 20mm thick wood starts to look light and any thinner looks a bit cheap. Like perhaps the maker has tried to save money by sacrificing design. Any thicker and it can start to look like a park bench. 

Did you know the 5th anniversary is symbolised by wood? The final touch was to add an anniversary engraving which husband organised. (good husband) This was laser engraved in the client's chosen font. nice.