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Handmade dining tables and furniture. Made from locally sourced, repurposed, and salvaged timber. 


Our blog is a collection of past and present projects such as handmade leather Aprons, leather goods, leather vide poche, custom made furniture, tables made from wood and timber


The Boat Project. Final Chapter

oliver stuart

Signed, sealed, delivered. Both boats are proudly in their new home. With some clever lifting and careful positioning they look just great. 

What I loved about this job was that i was helping to transform a space. Before the re-design, the courtyard wasn't the most popular. It was the smoking area of a large outdoor corporate area. So non-smokers (most everyone) avoided walking near it. Once the space was designated smoke free, it needed a 'jaz up' to make it attractive again. The foosball tables are a great addition and coupled with the boats I made the space has a playful feel to it. It gives you permission of feel like a kid but keep your corporate shirt on. 

A special shout to Neryl and Gini for making it happen.

I've added a whole gallery and I hope the images speak for themselves. I hope you like the photos and following the project as it unfolded  :-) Ollie