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Handmade dining tables and furniture. Made from locally sourced, repurposed, and salvaged timber. 

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Are you looking to buy timber furniture in Sydney?  We make bespoke furniture and custom made wood tables, dining tables, coffee tables from sustainable materials. Our tables are often designed with the clients input to suit your design needs


Custom Made Wood Furniture

Oliver Throsby furniture is contemporary and made to last – we have a saying around the workshop – ‘lifetime not landfill’. All our pieces are designed and by Oliver and made locally by him and his team. The timber furniture is contemporary with a timeless feel. Our pieces are beautiful to look at and are practical for every day life.

Our furniture in Sydney is often commissioned for private residential clients and many pieces appear in restaurants and bars around Australia.


Wood furniture can largely be split up into pieces made from new timber and recycled timber. Recycled being the more precious of the two. When we use new timber, we buy from sustainable plantations. And where possible we use recycled wood. The great advantage of timber furniture made from recycled hardwood is that the piece immediately has an aged appearance to it. In the eye of the viewer the dining table (for instance) has a story to tell, a rich past.

Yellow Box Table2.jpg

Our furniture is built around sustainable beliefs. And in much the same way that seasonal food shapes the what we cook throughout the year - the variety of trees near to us influence the pieces we make.

The Oliver Throsby workshop is in Moss Vale, in the Southern Highlands of NSW. When designing wood furniture we routinely source recycled timber from local timber merchants. Varieties of timber such as Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Yellow Box grow in the surrounding region and you’ll notice these are regularly used in our timber furniture.

This beautiful spotted gum 8 / 10 seater is currently for sale


We have a passion for making dining tables. We believe a table should grow old with your family. The character added by years of use is what truly makes a table great. Dinner parties, the odd spill, kids homework, projects and sitting with family and friends are the ingredients for a beautiful table. Right now Oliver’s furniture in Sydney is at growing with many local families. Other pieces we regularly make are coffee tables and side tables in various designs.

The bowling ally tables and trunk side tables are two of Oliver’s most recognisable pieces. We welcome commissions and bespoke requests in timber furniture. Our experience spans, hall tables, bedside tables, TV cabinets and wine tasting tables to name but a few.

An essential part of sustainable beliefs is giving back. Wood furniture is an excellent choice for the environment and I encourage everyone to buy a piece of wood furniture once. Buy a good, made well, and you’ll never need to replace it.

They way we give back to our environment is by planting a native tree for every purchase. From my years studying horticulture, two trees stand out, the red flowered yellow gum and the jarrah tree. Both are ideal for local bees and thrive in the Southern Highlands. So by shopping with Oliver Throsby you’ll be helping our environment (and it won't cost you any extra)