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Leather Aprons Australia | Oliver Throsby

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Leather Aprons made in Australia

Our leather aprons are amongst the finest Australian made leather aprons available, they are hand made using the finest hides available. All our aprons are cut, stitched and riveted carefully by hand. Every step is carried out by Oliver. 

The story of our leather Aprons started with requests from high-end bartenders and baristas. Professionals who want the right tools for the job. Oliver has a long background in leatherwork, being taught by his grandmother in the Southern Highlands of NSW. The design of our Leather Aprons is an interesting one, because they carry a little more weight than cotton, the straps on a need to sit over the shoulders, not around the neck. We prefer to use a thicker leather for the straps, often bridle leather for strength and comfort. Leather aprons in Australia need to be use leather light enough to breath in the warmer months but heavy enough to stand up to the punishment of daily use.

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We always look to using locally produced materials first, and in the case of leather, the only tanneries left in Australia (a small handful) produce kangaroo leather. Kangaroo is too thin and too small to make aprons from. Instead we source hides from Italy and occasionally South America from tanneries with sustainable beliefs and environmentally aware practices.

The stitching is all done on our industrial sewing machine using an extra thick durable thread. It's double stitched and reinforced around the joins, hems and pockets. The rivets are all punched by hand.

My aprons are currently being worn at Assembly Bar in Sydney, Cobbler in Brisbane, Saville Row also in Brisbane at Coffee Beats Drinks in Jindabyne   and also by the talented epicurean Jess Arnott in Perth

The straps are cut to 25mm to fit the strong buckles and clasps used. We offer options of brass or shiny nickel plate for large or small orders. After testing with several professionals we landed on what we believe is an ideal size and shape with plenty of adjustment. The length of our aprons comes just below the knee of a person 183cm tall. The width fits comfortably on waists between 30 and 40inches. If you happen to be built extra little or extra big, that’s no problem, we can happily sort you out with a custom made apron. Adjustments can be made to the length as it sits on your shoulders. The waist strap is also adjustable and has a handy quick release clip.